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The Exquisite World of Wagyu Beef - Unveiling Australia's Top Suppliers and the Secret Olive Wagyu Exporter

The Exquisite World of Wagyu Beef: Unveiling Australia’s Top Suppliers and the Secret Olive Wagyu Exporter

Indulge your taste buds and embark on a culinary journey into the exquisite world of Wagyu beef, renowned for its unparalleled marbling and succulent texture. Australia, known for its premium produce, is home to some of the world's finest Wagyu beef suppliers.
Pre-Order Wagyu Beef - How and Why You Should Secure the Finest Cuts

Pre-Order Wagyu Beef: How and Why You Should Secure the Finest Cuts

Wagyu beef is a delicacy renowned for its exceptional marbling and unparalleled tenderness. For true beef connoisseurs and culinary enthusiasts, there's nothing quite like savoring the rich, buttery flavor of premium Wagyu beef.
The art of raising wagyu cattle

The Art of Raising Wagyu Cattle: Unveiling the Craftsmanship of Australian Wagyu Beef Exporters

Wagyu beef has earned its reputation as a culinary masterpiece, tantalizing taste buds with its unmatched marbling and exquisite flavour. Behind this unparalleled beef experience lies the art of raising Wagyu cattle, a craftsmanship perfected by Australian Wagyu beef exporters.

From Pasture to Plate: Tracing the Journey of Jac Wagyu Beef in the Meat Industry

Jac Wagyu is a premium Wagyu beef supplied by Remesis from Australia. When it comes to the best steaks in Australia, no one can have a hand with Remesis Jac Wagyu beef suppliers.

Why Wagyu Beef has Distinctive Marbling?

The marbling of beef has a great impact on its flavour, tenderness, juiciness, smoothness and texture. The Australian Premium Wagyu Beef has all the above-mentioned properties which make it one of the best Wagyu beef in the world.

Top Delicious Cuts of Meat You Can’t Resist

The cut of meat can play a significant role in defining the taste of the meat because different cuts have varying amounts of fat, connective tissue, and muscle fibres.

Cooking Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Beef is some the highest quality meat on the market today. Let’s not beat around the bush, Wagyu is a premium product and is therefore sold at a premium price.

Why Wagyu?

Wagyu Beef is one of the most prized agricultural products in demand today. While many people have heard the term “Wagyu”, most consumers are actually unaware of what makes Wagyu so sought after.



How to place an order?

Please send us an email with your order requirements including products of interest, quantities, specifications, destination and more details so we can provide you with our current quotation. All offers are valid for 48 hour period.

Minimum Order Quantity

We provide our customers with the option to purchase smaller orders shipped via air or ocean freight up to 40’’ containers via sea freight.

What products do you sell?

We supply a large variety of Australian agriculture products. Our core supply is the Australian meats range such as Beef, Wagyu Beef, Olive Wagyu Beef, Lamb, Mutton, and Pork. We also offer Natural/Organic products. All our products are Halal certified.

Do you sell Organic products?

Yes – 100% certified in accordance with the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACO).

What is the lead time to place an order?

Lead time will depend on many factors such as the season, supply available, quantity required, specifications and the destination. We are generally able to pack and ship full containers within 2-3 weeks of contracting. Shipping times vary depending on the destination. Feel free to contact us today to receive an accurate estimate of lead time.

Are your products Halal certified?

Yes – Our Beef, Lamb and Mutton products are slaughtered in accordance with Islamic rites.