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Authentic Wagyu customs align in harmony with Jac Wagyu’s contemporary breeding approach resulting in consistent quality Wagyu cattle. A fusion of art, culture and progressive grading practices consistently producing richer, fully flavored and marbled Wagyu beef.

About Jac Wagyu

Jac Wagyu is a fourth-generation farming operation located in the green pastures of Bingara region, north-western NSW, in Better Beef country. Jac Wagyu’s 4 properties are located in the lush and fertile Gwydir Valley. Spread over 2,500ha of land ranging from the low Hilltops to Gwydir River.

The breed of cattle, the way they are handled and cared for, what they eat and how they are processed all have an enormous impact on the meat quality and tenderness. Wagyu cattle are different and this is why they are so special.

Our passion for our Wagyu beef has been a long journey. Jac Wagyu’s production consists of Wagyu Cattle that includes Wagyu F1 & Full blood Wagyu.

Wagyu cattle are known for their superb tenderness, buttery flavor, and quality marbling components (unsaturated, healthy fat deposits throughout the meat). Our Jac Wagyu Black label and Jac Wagyu Gold label consists of F1 Wagyu cattle. Jac Wagyu’s full-blood cattle produce the Jac Wagyu Pure lines (MB6-7, 8-9, 9+).

Our Wagyu beef operation avoids the utilisation of traditional fertilisers and chemicals, due to the long-term damage they do to the soil, their high carbon footprint and high cost. We are increasing our annual ground-cover which helps maintain good moisture, high profile soil and reduces the use of traditional machinery. This not only assists in improving the ground soil and quality pasture in the long term, but reduces the overall carbon footprint. Together with low-stress management practices and a high emphasis on cattle welfare, provides a healthier, tastier, richer Jac Wagyu beef for all our worldwide customers.

Winner Award

Jac Wagyu Genetics

Our operation included 14 Wagyu Full Blood bulls servicing the herd of 500+ cows, with calving taking place primarily in Spring months.

Jac Wagyu Genetics include sires such as:

Tajima bloodline – also known as ‘Kobe’ Beef, this unique Japanese genetics guarantees superb meat quality which is consistent and rich. Jac Wagyu’s full blood Wagyu cows ensure the ongoing supply of quality Wagyu all year round.

Jac Wagyu promotes transparency between customers and our production, championing the highest quality Wagyu Beef and welfare for the cattle. Our Wagyu Beef offers blending of the finest Japanese Wagyu genetics with the supreme quality, purity and consistency of Australian Beef standards.


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