Remesis offers a range of ordering methods to best suit the requirements of each of our customers. We can assist with your order via email or alternatively you may prefer to telephone your order through to the Sales department. Most customers prefer ordering via email. Orders can be emailed through to the sales department ([email protected]) email address or specific to your account manager. If you require any assistance – please ask our customer relations team to have a sales representative contact you directly. For all telephone orders – please contact your sales manager you would like to speak to. When placing an order please ensure the following information is provided and available as we will require this information;

  1. #PO reference number
  2. Shipping schedule
  3. Full product description/specifications
  4. Product codes (if applicable) and quantities


Minimum order(s) requirements:

  • Minimum order quantity is 250Kg
  • Freight charges vary to cover the cost of logistics on all orders.

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