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Unveil the Craftsmanship of Aussie Wagyu Beef Exporters

The Art of Raising Wagyu Cattle: Unveiling the Craftsmanship of Australian Wagyu Beef Exporters

Wagyu beef has earned its reputation as a culinary masterpiece, tantalizing taste buds with its unmatched marbling and exquisite flavour. Behind this unparalleled beef experience lies the art of raising Wagyu cattle, craftsmanship perfected by Australian Wagyu beef exporters. In this blog, we will look at how the Australian top supplier of beef, Remesis, exports top-quality beef to its customers.

Remesis is a globally renowned exporter and supplier of Olive Fed Wagyu, Jac Wagyu Beef and Futari Wagyu. It offers a wide range of premium meat including Lamb & Mutton, Halal Certified meat, and HGP-free certified meat. So, let us look at how Wagyu Cattle is raised and beef is exported around the world.

Global Meat Suppliers in Australia

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  1. The Wagyu Cattle Breeding Process: The journey of raising Wagyu cattle begins with careful breeding. Australian Wagyu suppliers select cattle with superior genetics, focusing on purebred Wagyu to ensure the highest quality. This rigorous process ensures that each generation exhibits the signature marbling and tenderness that Wagyu beef is famous for.
  2. Ethical Farming and Pasture-Raising: A hallmark of reputable Australian Wagyu beef exporters is their commitment to ethical farming and pasture-raising practices. Wagyu cattle are raised in spacious, natural environments where they graze on lush pastures, allowing them to grow healthily and develop well-marbled beef naturally.
  3. The Influence of Olive-Fed Diets: Lewis Olive Fed Wagyu exporter introduced a unique touch to the Wagyu raising process by incorporating olive-fed diets into their cattle’s nutrition. Remesis has collaborated with Lewis Olive Fed Wagyu to export premium beef to its customers across the world. The unique feeding method adopted by Lewis Olive Fed Wagyu adds a distinct flavour profile to the beef, resulting in a harmonious blend of Wagyu marbling and the subtle essence of olives.
  4. Nurturing Wagyu for Grain-Fed Excellence: Australian Grain Fed Wagyu is another exquisite offering from reputable beef exporters – Remesis. The Wagyu cattle are carefully nurtured on a grain-based diet carefully managed to promote optimal marbling. This delicate balance between pasture and grain feeding yields beef that strikes a perfect harmony of flavour and tenderness.
  5. Sustainable Practices and Environmental Stewardship: At the heart of the craftsmanship lies the dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Australian Wagyu beef exporter prioritizes responsible resource management, water conservation, and eco-friendly farming practices, ensuring a positive impact on the environment and the local communities. Remesis has tied up with JAC Wagyu, the beef from JAC Wagyu is processed for quality assurance before it is exported to the customers.


The art of raising Wagyu cattle is a labour of love and dedication mastered by Jac Wagyu. Their meticulous craftsmanship from breeding to pasture-raising and unique feeding methods creates the exquisite and sought-after Australian Wagyu beef. Ethical farming practices and sustainable approaches not only deliver the finest beef but also contribute to a better future for our planet.

Next time you savour the unparalleled marbling and flavour of Australian Wagyu beef, remember Remesis. As you indulge in this culinary masterpiece, you’ll appreciate the dedication of Remesis in exporting premium quality beef across the world.

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