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Why Wagyu Beef has Distinctive Marbling?

Marbling simply refers to the white flecks of intramuscular fat in the meat. Marbling is most notable in red meat.

The fat inside these muscles forms a marble-like pattern which gives us this unique name. Good marbling will give the meat its prestigious taste and appearance.

Wagyu Beef Industry has four breeds of cattle which are originally from Japan and among these, only one can naturally store fat in the muscular tissues. This is the reason why Wagyu Beef has such a big name in the beef industry.

The marbling of beef has a great impact on its flavour, tenderness, juiciness, smoothness and texture. The Australian Premium Wagyu Beef has all the above-mentioned properties which make it one of the best Wagyu beef in the world.

Marbling Specifications of Wagyu Beef

Melts in the Mouth

Here are some marbling specifications that you must know. Let’s have a look!

1. Breed– Some cattle breeds have high marbling due to their metabolic efficiency. Wagyu is one of the breeds that have fine marbling, which is the best among any type of marbling. Wagyu is among the best breeds as it is rich in Omega-3 and is a healthy cow breed.

2. Feed– Feed is the most important factor if you want the marbling to be perfect. What the feed is and for how long it is provided will produce the desired marbling inside of the muscles. A grain-fed cattle will be more easily marbled whereas cattle that are entirely dependent upon the grass will take a longer duration than grain-fed cattle.

3. Workout Effect– Marbling is also the same as building muscle and burning fat at the gym. A less active animal will have more fat stored, and thus the marbling will be fine and then we will get the desired outcome. Aussie Wagyu Beef exporters keep this in mind while preparing the cattle.

4. Age– The age of the cattle plays a vital role in marbling. If the cattle are young enough, they will show no signs of marbling, whereas if the cattle are too old, then also marbling will not be as required. So the time you get the best marbling in a cattle will be in its prime, which is in his adulthood.

Importance of Marbling

These are some of the major importance of marbling. Let’s dive in!

  • In a properly marbled beef, the fat will get melted into the steak and enhance the flavour and juiciness of the steak.
  • Fat provides tenderness to the steak, and a well marbled beef will have tenderness in it.
  • The intramuscular fat, i.e. marbling in fat, is good for health as it reduces the risk of heart disease.


All the marbling specifications should be taken care of while preparing cattle. One of the most premium quality beef is the Wagyu Beef due to its tenderness and flavour and it is famous all around the world. Remesis is one of the best Australian Wagyu Beef Exporters which is taking account of every marbling specifications and is a premium Jac Wagyu Beef Exporter and Futari Wagyu Beef Exporter.

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