Why Wagyu?

Wagyu Beef is one of the most prized agricultural products in demand today. While many people have heard the term “Wagyu”, most consumers are actually unaware of what makes Wagyu so sought after.

What is Wagyu Beef?
Wagyu is actually just the japanese word for Beef. Wa (Japanese) and Gyu (Beef). It has come to be known as a special set of cattle breeds that produce the World’s highest quality meat. It is renowned for its “melt in your mouth” texture, rich flavour and intense marbling.

So how does this happen?
The truth is, Wagyu doesn’t just “happen”. Not only are Wagyu cattle carefully selected through genetic science and specific breeding practices, they are also reared and fed according to strict guidelines and practices. In fact, olive fed Wagyu is raised under even stricter guidelines than that of regular Wagyu beef (See Lewis Olive Fed Wagyu).

Every Cow, Calf, and Bull are raised and fed with the utmost care. They are also occasionally brushed to increase circulation and relieve stress. Each Wagyu cow comes with a certificate that contains information about its genetic line and farm.

From all of these intensely regulated rearing practices comes a meat with a high marbling content, a flavoursome rich taste and beautiful buttery texture.

Wagyu meat can be separated into different categories based on their marbling content, with higher levels of marbling representing a higher quality meat.
In any case, through all of this, the last step of the Wagyu beef process is enjoying the finest quality meat on the market.
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