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About Lewis Olive Wagyu

Australian Olive Fed Wagyu is the rarest and highest quality product available in the Wagyu Beef range. Remesis is proud to be the world’s largest exporter of Lewis Olive Fed Wagyu. Each cut showcases top-quality marbling and texture that is unmatched by any other product.

There is a significant amount of waste generated annually from the production of olive oil in the form of pressed olives. Olive Feed Corporation collects the finest pressed olives in the post-production phase and uses a proprietary method to transform it into a nutritious animal feed.

Lewis Olive Fed Wagyu farm then collects this feed and constructs a careful feeding and rearing plan that allows for the highest quality end product. The acidic content of the olive feed creates a buttery texture a pure white fat within the meet that is incomparable to any other product.

Due to the recycling process used to create the olive feed, olive fed Wagyu is better for both the quality of meat and the environment.

We are the world’s largest purveyor of this premium product, supplying it globally throughout the entire year.

Olive fed Wagyu


Raised on cycled, toasted olive pulp by a handful of farmers worldwide. With only 2000 cattle in existence, Olive Wagyu is nearly impossible to source ― and when available it is usually sold out. So rare, it’s hard to find even in Japan. Now, available at Remesis Australia.

Nutritional Analysis

Transforming Olive Waste into Animal Feed

international Journal of clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

Olive Wagyu oleic acid

Oleic Acid Results Tested g/100g

  • Wagyu : 36.76
  • Olive Fed Wagyu : 40.92
  • % Increase : 11.3%

Monoussaturated Fats Results Tested g/100g

  • 14.46 : Wagyu
  • 26.79 : Olive Fed Wagyu
  • 85.2% : % Increase
Olive Wagyu fat
olive wagyu glutamic acid

Glutamic Acid Results Tested g/100g

  • Wagyu : 1.44
  • Olive Fed Wagyu : 2.23
  • % Increase : 54.8%

Carnosine Results Tested g/100g

  • 1.10 : Wagyu
  • 1.50 : Olive Fed Wagyu
  • 36.3% : % Increase
olive wagyu carnosine

The pinnacle of Beef production, achieving a level of quality that is incomparable in every aspect.

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Superb quality, buttery taste and health benefits - Olive fed Wagyu has raised the bar. This unique Olive feed produces an intense, fine-grained marbling and the spent olive diet results in beef with exceptionally high levels of oleic acid (a heart-healthy fat), as well as buttery, rich taste - it melts in your mouth. The Olive Wagyu won the top prize for “best fat” at Japan’s famous Wagyu Olympics.

olive wagyu

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