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Australian Olive Fed Wagyu is even more exclusive when it comes to Wagyu Beef. Less than a handful of worldwide producers have ever sold this unique product range before, and we are Australia’s first. If you truly want to join the exclusive ranks of pitmasters and have a legendary story to go along with a legendary piece of meat, this is your once in a lifetime chance to source Australian Olive Wagyu. Learn more about this unique cut, which is very different from a traditional Australian Wagyu Beef.

Olive fed Wagyu


Raised on cycled, toasted olive pulp by a handful of farmers worldwide. With only 2000 cattle in existence, Olive Wagyu is nearly impossible to source ― and when available it is usually sold out. So rare, it’s hard to find even in Japan. Now, available at Remesis Australia.

Nutritional Analysis

Transforming Olive Waste into Animal Feed

international Journal of clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

Olive Wagyu oleic acid

Oleic Acid Results Tested g/100g

  • Wagyu : 36.76
  • Olive Fed Wagyu : 40.92
  • % Increase : 11.3%

Monoussaturated Fats Results Tested g/100g

  • 14.46 : Wagyu
  • 26.79 : Olive Fed Wagyu
  • 85.2% : % Increase
Olive Wagyu fat
olive wagyu glutamic acid

Glutamic Acid Results Tested g/100g

  • Wagyu : 1.44
  • Olive Fed Wagyu : 2.23
  • % Increase : 54.8%

Carnosine Results Tested g/100g

  • 1.10 : Wagyu
  • 1.50 : Olive Fed Wagyu
  • 36.3% : % Increase
olive wagyu carnosine

The pinnacle of Beef production, achieving a level of quality that is incomparable in every aspect.

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shodoshima island

olive wagyu beef

the rarest beef in the world


This island in the Seto inland sea is the birthplace of
olive cultivation in Japan and has a rich history of
cattle farming dating back 1300 years.





upcycled agriculture

The science of taste

Comparing the constituent elements of flavor to regular Japanese beef.

  • 1.5xGlutamic acid
  • 1.4xPeptide total amount
  • 1.2xflexibility
  • 2xCarnosis
  • 1.7xAnserine

olive wagyu facts

  • There are only 2000 olive Wagyu cows in the world, with only a few harvested each month.
  • Olive Wagyu has a bolder umami flavor than Kobe beef or A5 Wagyu thanks to glutamic acid and peptides.
  • It has higher levels of the healthy fat oleic acid than any other type of Japanese beef, at 65.2% of its fat content.
  • Olive Wagyu is sourced directly from three small farms in Kagawa that upcycle wasted olive pulp from olive oil production.
  • The only legitimate way to get real olive Wagyu.


Superb quality, buttery taste and health benefits - Olive fed Wagyu has raised the bar. This unique Olive feed produces an intense, fine-grained marbling and the spent olive diet results in beef with exceptionally high levels of oleic acid (a heart-healthy fat), as well as buttery, rich taste - it melts in your mouth. The Olive Wagyu won the top prize for “best fat” at Japan’s famous Wagyu Olympics.

olive wagyu

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