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Fuel your cravings with our extraordinarily tangy tasted beefy bite of Pryme's Sriracha Beef Snacks where spice meets satisfaction!

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Elevate your snacking moments with the richness of wagyu beef in each portable and flavorable stick! Let Pryme's Wagyu Beef Sticks captivate your senses!

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Zest up your snacking game with our tangy temptation of lime infused beef delights! Anytime is Pryme time where Lime Magic Meets Beefy Mastery!

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Taste the Tropical punch and spicy kick with Pryme's fiery delight of Mango Chilli beefy treats. Unwrap the tangy, spicy magic of beef stick's Goodness!

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Dive into Pryme's irresistible Honey Soy Beefy Bites. A flavorful fusion in which Honey meets Soy, Beef meets Joy that take your taste buds on a journey!

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How to place an order?

Please send us an email with your order requirements including products of interest, quantities, specifications, destination and more details so we can provide you with our current quotation. All offers are valid for 48 hour period.

Minimum Order Quantity

We provide our customers with the option to purchase smaller orders shipped via air or ocean freight up to 40’’ containers via sea freight.

What products do you sell?

We supply a large variety of Australian agriculture products. Our core supply is the Australian meats range such as Beef, Wagyu Beef, Olive Wagyu Beef, Lamb, Mutton, and Pork. We also offer Natural/Organic products. All our products are Halal certified.

Do you sell Organic products?

Yes – 100% certified in accordance with the Australian Certified Organic Standard (ACO).

What is the lead time to place an order?

Lead time will depend on many factors such as the season, supply available, quantity required, specifications and the destination. We are generally able to pack and ship full containers within 2-3 weeks of contracting. Shipping times vary depending on the destination. Feel free to contact us today to receive an accurate estimate of lead time.

Are your products Halal certified?

Yes – Our Beef, Lamb and Mutton products are slaughtered in accordance with Islamic rites.