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From Pasture to Plate: Tracing the Journey of Jac Wagyu Beef in the Meat Industry

Jac Wagyu is a premium Wagyu beef supplied by Remesis from Australia. When it comes to the best steaks in Australia, no one can have a hand with Remesis Jac Wagyu beef suppliers.

Jac Wagyu was founded in the year 2002 in Australia. Currently, it has a 2500-hectare farm on the banks of Gwydir River near Bingara. Australian Jac Wagyu Exporter was named the best herd in NSW for eating quality by Meat Standards Australia. Jac Wagyu is being exported to all parts of the country and all around the world.

Jac Wagyu is the best among all the Aussie Wagyu Beefs. Let’s understand more about this and dive deep into the ocean of history and preparations of Wagyu Beef.

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Farm to Table

Let’s get a brief knowledge of the whole process of producing the best beef in Australia and what the Australian Wagyu Exporters should learn from Jac Wagyu.

  • Breeding- Wagyu beef is produced by cross-breeding the four main cattle breeds – Kuroge (Black), Aakage (Brown), Nihon Tankaku (Shorthorn) and Mukaku (Polled), which are initially from Japan. These wagyu cows are the base to produce good wagyu beef. Jac Wagyu has a herd of at least 100 purebred cows and about 400-500 Angus cows.
  • Feeding- To provide the best wagyu beef, that is the Jac Wagyu Beef, these cows are given a secret recipe comprising of barley for at least a year. Apart from that, it contains oats and dry grass in the sheds. Outside these sheds have the natural green grass in the Jac Wagyu Farm to feed on to prevent the use of any harmful chemicals to build the cows.
  • Slaughtering- These wagyu cows are then slaughtered most efficiently and cleanly to prevent any disease and food poisoning. All the safety and health measures are followed before slaughtering the cow, such as a proper check-up of the cattle and the use of clean and sanitized machines. The slaughtered beef is then stored inside a relaxed environment.
  • Packaging and Shipment- The stored beef is then packed into different sizes according to the requirement of the customers. The packaging is done by the most high-tech machines and skilled workers in Jac Wagyu. Every batch is properly monitored for any defect. The packed beef is then labelled according to its shipment destination and country.

And finally, it reaches the plates of the Jac Wagyu Beef lovers!

Global Meat Suppliers in Australia


Jac Wagyu also does the production of a side dish which is rendered Wagyu fat, which can be used as an alternative to oil and butter for roasting vegetables.

Jac Wagyu currently produces around 50 heads per month, but it is planning to go up to 2000 heads per year.

Remesis is the best beef supplier and exporter in Australia for Jac Wagyu. Remesis stands at the top of the Australian Wagyu beef exporters and will remain at the top for many years to come.


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